Podcasting links

26 Apr

How to publish a podcast on the iTunes Store

Apple – iTunes – Podcasts – Making a Podcast



Tomorrow’s class: Update

23 Apr

Hi all, We will continue project presentations in class on Tuesday, Thursday will be a lecture/working lab on podcasting. I’ll post some readings later today. Enjoy the snow!

Readings on the Digital Divide

16 Apr

America’s digital divide closing with rise in smartphone use

Digital divide – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Why one in five US adults don’t use the Internet

Intel Seeks to Bridge the Digital Divide with a Rugged Tablet PC

The new digital divide

Europe Takes Digital Lead; Divide Persists

‎ African Americans are more apt to blog than whites and Latinos

America’s Digital Divide: 37% of Low-Income Households Do Not Have 

Project Presentations THURSDAY

9 Apr

Ready or not. It’s a substantial portion of your grade, so I suggest, READY.

Cyberbullying readings

9 Apr

Cyberbullying | StopBullying.gov

Disney, Common Sense Media tackle issue of cyberbullying

Arizona won’t jail Internet trolls … for now

Push to strengthen cyber bullying laws

States look to enact cyberbullying laws

Webcam Peeper Convicted in Rutgers Cyberbullying Case

Five Ways to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying

Cyber-bullying – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cyberbullying — National Crime Prevention Council

The psychology of destruction: Institutionalized bullying in America | Coming Out of “the Truth”

Project presentations TOMORROW

2 Apr

Don’t forget!!!Image

Readings: Privacy Issues

25 Mar

Senators ask feds to probe requests for social media passwords

US senator: Employers shouldn’t ask job applicants for Facebook 

Why ID Thieves Love Social Media

Facebook Tips to Make Password Privacy Issue a Non-issue

Stop Insurance Spies: Lockdown Your Privacy Settings

Facebook fixes profile stalking loophole

Flickr notes

18 Mar

flickr notes, download!

Flickr readings

18 Mar

Virgin Mobile Steals Teen’s Flickr Photo For Ad Campaign

Virgin Mobile sued over Flickr image used in ad – Business – World business – msnbc.com

Creative Commons on Flickr: Users Prefer Restrictive Licenses

“The Great Firewall” — Flickr banned in China | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Who’s Got West Wing Juice? Look to Flickr – NYTimes.com

List of websites blocked in the People’s Republic of China – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube Readings

2 Mar

Read the following articles about YouTube. Will be posting the Powerpoint for Tuesday’s lecture after I get back on Monday (at this conference with the worst internet in the world!!).

YouTube – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Technology of HTML5 and Mobile YouTube (no flash)

Youtube Press Statistics on Usage

The future of closed captioning and internet video

The Digital Millennial: Will Hyper-connectivity Affect Teens and Young Adults


Don’t forget to get to work on your research papers!!!!!