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No class today

31 Jan

Hi guys, I’m home sick today. In the meantime, you need to do the Facebook readings that are posted already (we’ll discuss those in NEXT Tuesday’s lecture), and in preparation for this week’s lab, you should have a Facebook profile set up. So, if you aren’t on Facebook yet, do sign up and get a basic profile going that we can work with in class on Thursday. Email me with any questions (for today, get me at


Facebook readings

29 Jan

Please read the following linked articles, relating to Facebook privacy and social effects.

All about Timeline (video)

Facebook Timeline Looms: What You Need To Know

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search

5 Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook Forces Timeline: How to Hide Your Past

Diffusion of Innovations

19 Jan

This graph represents the bell curve of adoption to a new innovationEver wonder the process of how something goes from new & cool to your mom using it? 🙂

It’s called the diffusion of innovations, or the process of adoption.

Read the following:

Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers

Diffusion of Innovations (Wikipedia)

Diffusion of Innovation: Customer Behavior


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Test blog post

19 Jan

here is where you type stuff.

The blog lives again…COM 160 Spring 2012 edition

17 Jan

Welcome students to another section of COM 160. We will be working primarily off of this blog as a storage place for notes, links to readings, etc. Bookmark this page and visit often.