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Tomorrow’s class: Update

23 Apr

Hi all, We will continue project presentations in class on Tuesday, Thursday will be a lecture/working lab on podcasting. I’ll post some readings later today. Enjoy the snow!


YouTube Readings

2 Mar

Read the following articles about YouTube. Will be posting the Powerpoint for Tuesday’s lecture after I get back on Monday (at this conference with the worst internet in the world!!).

YouTube – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Technology of HTML5 and Mobile YouTube (no flash)

Youtube Press Statistics on Usage

The future of closed captioning and internet video

The Digital Millennial: Will Hyper-connectivity Affect Teens and Young Adults


Don’t forget to get to work on your research papers!!!!!

End of the semester schedule

30 Nov

The end is upon us! Here is the schedule of events for the last two weeks of class:

11/30: Sexting lecture; guest speaker Candice Faulring. Candice is sick today, so we will try to reschedule for some point before the end of the semester.

12/2: Open lab; help from Val. Bring your projects to work on, to work out any tech glitches. Quiz 4 is posted online at MyCourses — DUE 12/9

12/7: Final project presentations, Day 1. Make sure you present on this day if your projects require sound! Quiz 4 DUE online at MyCourses.

Lori, Geoff, CJ, Stephen W, Burt

12/9: Final project presentations, Day 2. Any remaining presentations MUST be given.

Anthony, Rosa, Cam, Jim

Last day of class! Congratulations!

Sexting Notes

30 Nov

Today’s lecture notes. Guest speaker Candice Faulring in class today. <— out sick today. See you then!


2 Nov

In case you forgot. And, please go vote today.

Electronic papers must be turned in via MyCourses tonight by 11:30pm. Paper copies will not be accepted.

The Social Network: Your Thoughts

8 Oct

After seeing the film, please post your thoughts on it and come to class Tuesday prepared to talk about it. What I found interesting wasn’t so much the creation and evolution of Facebook itself, but Zukerberg’s [portrayed] fixation with belonging and being “cool” and having that be his motivation in the site’s success (it’s often mentioned in the film, “Mark doesn’t care about money.”) Facebook was conceived to act as a nerd’s social vehicle and ultimate revenge against the blonde, Brooks Brothers, Harvard-crew rowing Winklevoss brothers (and every other dude out there Like Them).

What do you think about seeing Catfish this semester? Let me know. Locally, it’s playing at the Walden Galleria Regal.


If you haven’t made it to the movie, here’s the script. You can always read it 🙂

Research Paper Progress

4 Oct

Please comment on this post and let me know how you are coming along with the paper. At this point, you should have chosen a topic. After tomorrow’s Delicious discussion, you may want to begin your research!

Now, here’s the good news. After thinking about it, I feel just under 4 weeks might be putting this paper in the pressure cooker. Really, I want you to write a good, meaningful paper — and not just bang it out in a hurry to get it in on time.

From this point forward, the paper will be due November 2 (but not any later than that!)

The Social Network “Field Trip”

4 Oct

I am using quotes around “Field Trip” because this isn’t really a field trip. As in, it’s not required for class. However, I feel this film will give us a great perspective on the story of Facebook, which relates directly to our studies in social media.

The official date for the un-official “Field Trip” will be this Thursday, October 7 at the Regal Transit at 1:40pm. There will be no class that day  — instead, if you are interested & available, please use this time to see the film.

If you would like to catch the movie in your own time (it is a long Columbus Day weekend), or at a different theater, make plans to do it before class on Tuesday October 12 — as we will discuss the film in lecture on that day.

You are responsible for your own transportation to the movie and the cost of the ticket.

Regal Cinema

Other showtimes/theatres for The Social Network

Lab: making a blog on WordPress

25 Aug

Lab for tomorrow includes beginning a blog on wordpress. After we set them up, we’ll link them together and use it as an interface for homework readings and discussion. Cool?

Welcome to COM 160

22 Aug

Hello everyone! This is your official blog for COM 160, Fall 2010. In this course, we will be utilizing many social media tools — blogs are one of them.

This will be our first “tech” assignment for the semester — each of you will create a blog for this course. There are many tools available on the web to accomplish this — for the purpose of instruction, we’ll be using WordPress. WordPress is the #1 most used blog service. Read more about WordPress’ history here.

We will have a discussion about content delivery for the course. Let’s take a poll right now — would you prefer to have assigned readings posted here, or on MyCourses?