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The Social Network: Your Thoughts

8 Oct

After seeing the film, please post your thoughts on it and come to class Tuesday prepared to talk about it. What I found interesting wasn’t so much the creation and evolution of Facebook itself, but Zukerberg’s [portrayed] fixation with belonging and being “cool” and having that be his motivation in the site’s success (it’s often mentioned in the film, “Mark doesn’t care about money.”) Facebook was conceived to act as a nerd’s social vehicle and ultimate revenge against the blonde, Brooks Brothers, Harvard-crew rowing Winklevoss brothers (and every other dude out there Like Them).

What do you think about seeing Catfish this semester? Let me know. Locally, it’s playing at the Walden Galleria Regal.


If you haven’t made it to the movie, here’s the script. You can always read it 🙂