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The Social Network trailer

4 Oct

The Social Network “Field Trip”

4 Oct

I am using quotes around “Field Trip” because this isn’t really a field trip. As in, it’s not required for class. However, I feel this film will give us a great perspective on the story of Facebook, which relates directly to our studies in social media.

The official date for the un-official “Field Trip” will be this Thursday, October 7 at the Regal Transit at 1:40pm. There will be no class that day¬† — instead, if you are interested & available, please use this time to see the film.

If you would like to catch the movie in your own time (it is a long Columbus Day weekend), or at a different theater, make plans to do it before class on Tuesday October 12 — as we will discuss the film in lecture on that day.

You are responsible for your own transportation to the movie and the cost of the ticket.

Regal Cinema

Other showtimes/theatres for The Social Network