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“If you want to liberate a government, give them the Internet.” Twitter Readings

12 Feb

Please read the following articles for class:


Twitter, Facebook and YouTube’s role in Arab Spring

Twitter (Wikipedia)

Does Twitter Drive TV Viewership?

How to Use Twitter for Customer Support

The Twitter Guidebook

Delicious Readings

4 Oct

Sorry these are being posted a bit late — very long Homecoming weekend! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Skim these over before class, and read in greater detail later!

Delicious on Wikipedia

Follow Delicious on Twitter


Ultimate Guide to Delicious Bookmarking (TONS of great links on this site, please browse the articles linked below the main article on this page)

Addition to syllabus: Twitter project

27 Sep

As mentioned in class, you may choose a Twitter project as one of your two practical projects for this class. REMEMBER: each project is worth 20% of your grade — which means the practical projects are the same weight as your 5-6 page research paper! That said, make each 140 character (or less) tweet count….choose a good event to report from….put a LOT of thought into the reflection paper.

Details: In this project you will “live tweet” an event as it’s happening. The event should be one that would typically be covered by traditional media (newspapers, radio) and should be an event greater than 2 hours in length (though, you may chronicle an event much longer — even over a few days — if you wish).

A successful Twitter project should incorporate many descriptive tweets, generating a feeling of “being there” for their followers.

Accompanying this project should be a 2-3 page (typed) critical thought expression on how tweeting is similar to and differs from traditional print journalism, and reflect on the experience.

Twitter 101

20 Sep

If you haven’t been a long time Twitter user, READ the following help guides BEFORE lab on Thursday. It would be VERY helpful if you registered with Twitter & signed up with TwitPic prior to class. I’ll go through how to do this, but I’ll be doing it quickly.

TwitPic is one of many sites that will allow you to tweet images; other sites include:

We’ll use TwitPic because it’s easy and fast, widely-used, and because Flickr is another week’s lab demo 🙂

Twitter’s website has a great, easy to follow, help section for newbs like us. You can check it out here.

Shortcut to how to post video and pictures.

Shortcut to Twitter lingo.

Twitter readings

15 Sep

Please read the following articles for class:

Twitter Site Redesigned

The Facebookification of Twitter

Social Media Blackout Experiment in University

Drake’s Mom Thought He Really Married Nikki Minaj

Newbie’s Guide To Twitter

Facebook readings

3 Sep

Please read the following linked articles, relating to Facebook privacy and social effects.

Facebook Divorce

Digital Dirt can Haunt Your Job Search

Can Your Facebook Page Affect Your Job Search?

Facebook Places Privacy Issues

5 Facebook Privacy Tips