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Tomorrow’s class: Update

23 Apr

Hi all, We will continue project presentations in class on Tuesday, Thursday will be a lecture/working lab on podcasting. I’ll post some readings later today. Enjoy the snow!

Readings on the Digital Divide

16 Apr

America’s digital divide closing with rise in smartphone use

Digital divide – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Why one in five US adults don’t use the Internet

Intel Seeks to Bridge the Digital Divide with a Rugged Tablet PC

The new digital divide

Europe Takes Digital Lead; Divide Persists

‎ African Americans are more apt to blog than whites and Latinos

America’s Digital Divide: 37% of Low-Income Households Do Not Have 

Readings: Privacy Issues

25 Mar

Senators ask feds to probe requests for social media passwords

US senator: Employers shouldn’t ask job applicants for Facebook 

Why ID Thieves Love Social Media

Facebook Tips to Make Password Privacy Issue a Non-issue

Stop Insurance Spies: Lockdown Your Privacy Settings

Facebook fixes profile stalking loophole

Facebook readings

29 Jan

Please read the following linked articles, relating to Facebook privacy and social effects.

All about Timeline (video)

Facebook Timeline Looms: What You Need To Know

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search

5 Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook Forces Timeline: How to Hide Your Past

Cyberbullying Notes

23 Nov

Cyberbullying Notes (Powerpoint)

How to check in on Foursquare without a smartphone or App

10 Nov

Many people may have signed up to Foursquare who may wish to check-in to their location using their computer rather than their mobile phone. This article shows you how to do this in 3 easy steps.

1. Login to the Foursquare Mobile website

At the moment, you cannot check in to Foursquare using the main website as Foursquare is a mobile-based social networking site. However, you can login to Foursquare using its mobile site. Therefore, to check in, go to foursquare.com/mobile and click ‘Log in‘.

2. Find Location

You will then be able to check in by clicking on ‘Check-in‘ and entering the name of your location.
If the venue is not known, you will be presented with a list of possibilities. If one of these fits with the description of where you are, you can select it to check-in. If nothing on the list fits the description of the venue you are in, you will have to add it to Foursquare before you can check in there.

3. Check in

Once you have entered your location, you can decide whether to show your location to friends, or whether to keep the check-in private. You can also decide whether to share your check-in with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

If your check-in is public, you can decide to add a ‘shout’, which will be a message displayed with your check-in.

Once you have made these decisions, you can click on ‘Check-in’. This will then be entered as an activity on your history.

As you can see, it is not difficult to check in to Foursquare online. Obviously, you must make sure that you are in the location you say you are in – other this could be seen as cheating. However, this is a good way to check in for those who have signed up to Foursquare but do not yet have smart phones on which they can access the site.

If you want to find out more about Foursquare…

Then visit Social Media Forum. It contains loads of free reviews on all of the different social networking sites on the internet today.

Social networking can be a minefield for those who don’t know too much about it – Social Media Forum will help you figure out perfect social networking site for you.

With news, getting started guides and forum discussions about the in’s and out’s of social networking – http://www.social-media-forum.com is the essential place for you to find out about all the things you always wished you knew about social media but didn’t know where to look.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_R_Smith

Net Neutrality Notes

9 Nov

Net Neutrality Powerpoint Notes

Foursquare Notes

2 Nov

Foursquare notes

Delicious Notes

4 Oct

Download the Powerpoint: Social Bookmarking & Research

The Social Network “Field Trip”

4 Oct

I am using quotes around “Field Trip” because this isn’t really a field trip. As in, it’s not required for class. However, I feel this film will give us a great perspective on the story of Facebook, which relates directly to our studies in social media.

The official date for the un-official “Field Trip” will be this Thursday, October 7 at the Regal Transit at 1:40pm. There will be no class that day  — instead, if you are interested & available, please use this time to see the film.

If you would like to catch the movie in your own time (it is a long Columbus Day weekend), or at a different theater, make plans to do it before class on Tuesday October 12 — as we will discuss the film in lecture on that day.

You are responsible for your own transportation to the movie and the cost of the ticket.

Regal Cinema

Other showtimes/theatres for The Social Network