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Lab: making a blog on WordPress

25 Aug

Lab for tomorrow includes beginning a blog on wordpress. After we set them up, we’ll link them together and use it as an interface for homework readings and discussion. Cool?

Welcome to COM 160

22 Aug

Hello everyone! This is your official blog for COM 160, Fall 2010. In this course, we will be utilizing many social media tools — blogs are one of them.

This will be our first “tech” assignment for the semester — each of you will create a blog for this course. There are many tools available on the web to accomplish this — for the purpose of instruction, we’ll be using WordPress. WordPress is the #1 most used blog service. Read more about WordPress’ history here.

We will have a discussion about content delivery for the course. Let’s take a poll right now — would you prefer to have assigned readings posted here, or on MyCourses?